Monday, July 10, 2017

The Beginning

This is the block in for a commission for two grandchildren.  There is a lot of pushing and pulling that goes along with this stage that I enjoy.  Things just happen.  But while I was starting this painting I happened to scroll through Instagram.  Have you ever found yourself making comparison of your work, your art or any other abilities to someone else?  I am reading a wonderful book entitled, "Looking for God" by Nancy Ortberg.  In the book she states, "Comparison becomes a faulty scale on which we place ourselves, waiting to see how we balance out with the people on the other side.  Comparison leaves us jealous and critical and insecure. ...Part of what it means to be created in the image of God is that each person has his or her own story, giftedness, and calling.  I cannot find mine by looking at yours.  Your story may inspire me or warn me, but I should never use it to determine my own."  Once we understand this we are free to admire other people's gifts and be grateful for their contributions to the beauty in the world.

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