Monday, May 15, 2017

Angel Music - SOLD

 I love trying new things and trying to expand as an artist.  Recently I attended a demo at the Mountain Brook Art Association meeting where Rik Lazenby gave a demonstration.  Rik is an accomplished and inspired mixed media artist.  The process he taught was very time consuming to someone like me who usually paints wet on wet.  First you take burlap and paint it with plaster of paris then once it is dried you fold and crease to create wrinkles that are transformed into an old looking piece of cloth after you add a coat of polyurethane and finish off with a stain.  THEN you are ready to create the magic of what you will do with this canvas or surface you have created.  I could not wait to try the process because while I watched him I had an image in my mind that i wanted to create and that is where this angel creating music came about.  I have music playing in my studio every day when I paint and many times I feel like angels are all around.  (So does Max, he sleeps the minute I turn on the music).  

I recently came across a quote by Dan McCaw, "Art is a collaboration between the heart and mind in an effort to expose a piece of the artist's soul".  I so believe.

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