Sunday, May 21, 2017

Angel Baby - SOLD

I have been working on another mixed media piece - this one is a little angel resting from her music.  These pieces take so much time and effort but I enjoy the look of the burlap and modeling paste and the experience. 

 At the same time I am completing this angel series in mixed media, I am reading a book by Dan McCaw.  Everything this artist says resonates with me.  One quote I particularly love is; "Art is not something we learn to do but instead is a search to uncover and express that which already exists within all of us.  We are the art.  What we are searching for is our inner voice.  I believe that that most of us protect, deny or under-value this intrinsic voice, but we all have one. It's that part of us that, when touched, moves our emotions and tugs at our hearts.  It's that part of us that responds to a painting, a piece of music, a beautiful scene.  these things do not contain emotions, but only bring to the surface that which we already posses, both as the artist and as the art appreciator."

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