Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cat Woman

The DPW challenge this week is to paint a feline friend.  I do not know cats very well as I am allergic to them so I cannot get up close and personal but I do love to watch them from a distance.  I love the way the walk (or stalk) and the almost shy way they come up and rub up against your leg.  I think their eyes are so expressive and I often wonder what they are thinking behind those fixed stares.  

I read that cats have distinct personalities depending on how much of each trait they possess.  They can be affectionate and sociable, sociable and chatty, the movie star, 
shy and aloof loners or the leader of the pack.  According to the definitions I think this Cat Woman is the leader of the pack.  Described as acutely intelligent with a takeover personality and is not a lap cat.  This personality will investigate newcomers, people or other animals to make sure they are up to their standards.  The look on her face tells me she is a pack leader.

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