Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Prissy Cup of Coffee -SOLD

I am submitting this to the tea cup challenge for this week on DPW.  My husband and I are living out one of our "bucket list" items by living at the beach this month and I have the most wonderful studio located on the third floor of our house.  It is called the Eagles Nest, it has wonderful light all around, it is equipped with two couches, a daybed, a covered porch, small kitchenette and bathroom.  I am in love!  I am painting, painting and painting.  I have several commissions to complete (I am so honored) and I painted this little coffee cup to warm up for the tasks.  In the mornings, I bring my coffee to the studio and read my devotional before starting the day after a walk on the beach.  Yes, it is a dream come true.

Even with all this - I find I cannot get completely satisfied with anything I am painting so today my goal is to relax and stop trying.     Today I am going to try and paint with limited strokes and limited "thinking" about what I am trying to convey.  That is when magic happens.

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  1. I have this happen to me too. It is kind of scary when it does. I feel like my cape of powers is gone. But it always comes back. Just keep painting and let the tea cup "show you the way".