Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Little Angel Boy - SOLD

I have been spending some wonderful times with my little grandsons so I guess I have "little angel boys" on my mind.  The model for this painting was actually a doll that is an angel.  I know those of you who paint will understand this but this painting was just in my head just waiting around to come out onto the canvas.  I still find it very hard to capture exact color on digital pictures so the colors are a little off from the original painting - usually the people who buy my art tell me that they love the painting "in person" even more than the representation on the computer screen.    I am very happy about that but I sure which I could the color more exact.

Enough about that --I hope all of your enjoy your angels this season - even if you do not have kids or grandkids.....you have an angel hovering about.

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