Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Old Boat

Recently Daily Paintworks had a challenge to paint in a Mid-ism style. (The painting on this site entitled Beach Time was in response to that).  One of my friends from that site, Stanley Epperson told me he saw elements of Mid-ism in all of my paintings and he asked me if I had a conscious style.  I would like to think that I paint in a "Painterly" style.  Bob Rohm has a wonderful book entitled, The Painterly Approach.  In his book, Mr. Rohm states, "Drawing is a linear approach to creating a painting with an emphasis on the exactness of the subject contours and form.  The painterly approach is a shape and mass approach.  There are almost as many variations and combinations of these two as there are artists."  I want to paint with a painterly approach,  not create an exact copy of a photo or scene but I strive to create a painting that the viewer will respond to emotionally.

I have been developing my own style for awhile and today a friend came over to paint with me.  She is a wonderful artist and tends to paint in a very realistic style.  She asked me to help her paint in a more "loose, painterly manner".  We had a little art lesson and so much fun!  I had her use a black canvas and we both used acrylics.  We chose a very simple scene of an old boat docked on a beach.  The reference photo came from Alun Davies and Paint My Photo.  Her painting turned out great and very different from her usual style.  Mine is shown here.  This is an 8" x 10" on a canvas panel. 


  1. What a nice painting. I also love looseness but sometimes it remains a goal!

  2. I really like your boat painting Marcia:). Love the painterly style.