Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Kingfisher - SOLD

I painted this 8" x 10" oil for a challenge on DPW by Brenda Ferguson. The challenge was to "Paint Your Bliss"  - turn up some music and just paint what makes you happy.  This was hard for me because I painted my bliss this week when I painted Reese and Jackson....I love painting children but I also love painting birds and I went outside, turned up my music and also had the birds singing in the background.  This came about from a photo reference provided by Dave Webb on Paint My Photo.  I had fun pushing paint around until I felt like it was completed.

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  1. Marcia, it was so nice to meet you tonight. Madeline LOVES your paintings and so do I. I'm not sure if I can attach a picture of one of her paintings here, but I will e-mail you a couple. She loves to paint hummingbirds, cats and flowers. We really enjoyed looking through your collection! :-)