Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Lady With the Gold Earring

I love the paintings of John Larriva.  Recently he sent out a 

You can go to this link and become a supporter of his work on Patreon.  For a minimal fee a month you can watch demos and videos of how he creates some of his work.  I do not think I could ever paint like him but I learn something each time I watch another artist at work.  He has a very good teaching style and he is interactive to comments via messages.  I appreciate his offering!

I played around today with a small 6" x 6" board and painted my best friend's picture.  It is so wonderful to have beautiful friends.  (Not so wonderful having my picture made with her as she is ALWAYS dressed, accessorized and beautiful.)  She is also one of the Miss Alabama Moms every year and I am sure some people think she was Miss Alabama at one time.  

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