Monday, July 24, 2017

Caught - NFS

Last December I took an online course with Mindy Lacefield.   The course was a more intuitive type of painting where you laid down paint and waited until you "saw" something on the canvas that spoke to you of a painting.  (I am not sure I am doing a very good job of explaining this.)  Anyway, I saw this little face and developed it and she reminded me of the look on one of my children in the past or grandchildren who had just been "caught" doing something forbidden.

This is so different from the way I usually paint but I hope to revisit again and again as I loved the process and the outcome.  I am not selling this little girl because she is a reminder to me to keep on trying this style.  Recently in an art show several people told me that she "spoke" to them, something about her touched them.  I listen to those kind of comments and let them lead me along this path of creativity.