Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Old Red Mill - NFS

I was recently given the honor of being one of the Alabama artists to paint one of the historic Marshall County locations to commemorate Alabama's Bicentennial and the year of Exploring Our Places.  My location was the Old Red Mill in Albertville, Alabama.  The mill was used for grinding corn about 100 years ago.  It is now about to fall down but definitely holds a lot of history for this area.

I went last Saturday to paint the site en plein air.  It was a very hot day with few clouds in the sky but no bugs which was a wonderful thing as every artist who paints outside knows what a challenge the bugs can be.  Not only do they bite but they land on your painting and  get stuck.  I had almost completed my block in when I returned to my car to grab some more paint.  I walked back to my easel and remembered I needed another brush from my car.  When I returned to the car I found it had locked with my keys and my phone inside!!  Now, this bridge is located in a very secluded, unfamiliar area.  I wanted to cry, loud slobbering cries BUT I knew that would not help.  I put my painting under my car, bundled up my expensive easel to carry with me and started out walking up a very steep hill to try and find civilization again.  I came to the highway.  I crossed the road, dripping wet with sweat, I walked up to the first house I came to.  A very nice man let me use his phone to call a locksmith (who told me he would need to charge weekend rates, as if I cared!)  The man then drove me back to my car and stayed with me until the locksmith arrived.  the locksmith was very interested in my painting and he told me that he enjoys drawing.  We had a nice conversation about that.  I hope he will continue to draw as he seemed someone who loves art and would do well.  The man

who helped me told me about the history of the the mill and how he remembers an old store was located nearby years ago.  All in all it was a very good day but I will tell you I questioned my future as a plein air artist.  

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