Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mercy - SOLD

Mercy is a broad term that refers to benevolence, forgiveness and kindness.  In a article for the National Catholic Reporter, Vinita Hampton Wright reflects on what mercy looks like in everyday life.   Wright realizes that mercy is about small moments in most cases.  

"For example, mercy gives you his seat on the bus, acting as if he was about to get up anyway rather than making you feel that he is doing you a favor.  Mercy does not let out that sigh - you know the one-the wordless disapproval toward the person in the check-out line ahead of you whose card didn't swipe, or who can't find her coupons, or whose toddler is having a meltdown.  Mercy offers quiet sympathy and does not convey with her body language that this holdup is ruining her day.  Sometimes mercy chooses to not send back the food that isn't just right, simply because the waitress looks overwhelmed."

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  1. Great post. You use mercy and I use kindness in the same way. Fun and happy flowers.