Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Boys - SOLD

I have had several commissions for Father's Day.  What a better way to capture special memories than a painting of favorite moments.  These boys are in the back of their pickup truck.  Looks like a day of fun.  Happy Father's Day!

For my artist friends,  you know how we learn something with each painting we do.  Well, most of you already practice this lesson I know, but this is a 8" x 10" painting.  I will never do a portrait that size again.


  1. I wish now that I had ordered a bigger size. I am so sorry to ask you to do it so small. I honestly had no clue how it would turn out or how oil paintings even worked, but you did an amazing job and I will forever be grateful for it!! I promise to order a bigger one next time.

  2. You are so sweet and actually I love a challenge :)