Thursday, June 2, 2016

Never Grow Up - SOLD

Oh my Goodness - time goes by so fast and while I was painting this picture of Jamesdon I was so reminded by the song playing in the background from Taylor Swift - Never Grow Up.  These tender moments when a little boy is fascinated by picking flowers (probably for Mama) and the sweet, sweet things they say race by so quickly.  Recently I entertained four grandkids and it was utter chaos but tons of fun and during the multitude of nighttime rituals such as teeth brushing, potty time and getting pjs on, my little four year old looked at me so serious and asked, "Mimi, why do we have eyebrows?" They stop me in my tracks to just laugh.  And then seeing them all snuggly in bed and sleeping so sweetly  - I smile and my heart just wants to melt.  And the next morning My "little boy" comes to pick up his little people and he reminds me he will be 40 years old this year.  What????

I still remember what he looked like in his pjs sleeping sweetly.........................

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