Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Has Sprung - SOLD

Recently I was with a friend at a local garden shop and feel in love with this cute, little odd shaped white vase and I found two poppies that worked nicely in it - one green and the other one pink.  I was thinking about the way I could use these in a painting while my friend was looking at a little owl decoration.  She said, "you always see a painting while I see a decoration or gift."  We laughed because that describes us pretty well.  We "see" with different eyes.  I loved the way this painting turned out.  I painted it with a palette knife which brings a softness and all kinds of unexpected surprises with the paint.  I have very neutral paint on my walls and these colors just work there.  I hope this painting finds a home but it just might turn out to be mine.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Little White Church - SOLD

Earlier I posted the small value study I created for this painting.  That study was a give away on my facebook page. This is the final painting - a 11" x 14" oil on linen that will be auctioned and the proceeds given to GoodHope United Methodist Church.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Little White Church - Gift

My husband has been serving a small United Methodist Church in Columbiana, Alabama and I am just along for the ride as the wife of the preacher.  He retired about 7 years ago as a full time Methodist Minister after 35 years of serving churches and as a District Superintendent where he oversaw about 70 churches.  I am saying all that to say I have seen a lot of churches and known a lot of people who have been members of those churches.   I have experience.  When Audie started serving this church we went from attending a church with 50,000 members and multiple campuses to one that has approximately 50 members. I found the number of members makes no difference but the quality of members makes a huge difference.  The people I have met are some of the most genuine, dedicated, "real" Christians I have ever seen in one place.  I forget how living in a small community and attending a small congregation is like one of the early churches in scripture.  These people all know each other, the good, bad and ugly and really love each other. Not only do they love each other but with an open heart they strive to follow Jesus' example at all times.  The scripture "Love your neighbor as yourself" is their attitude.  You might think a little country church would have a close-minded, dogmatic idea of what a Christian is or is not - not these people - I have seen them listen to new or different opinions and not just write them off but honestly seek to find God's answer in matters. They try to see the perspectives of others, even if they might disagree with them.  

Their dedication as a church family runs deep, Senior luncheons, auctions, yard sales, and barbecues to stretch the budget. They seem to never tire of working hard for the church and church building that they love.  They remind me every week of what is really important - of what it means to live more simply and seek to follow Christ the best way I can every day.

I am in the process of starting a larger painting for a auction at our church so I usually paint a smaller painting to check out colors and values.  This little white church is a 8" x 10" stretched canvas and I will be giving it away on my Facebook page, Marcia Hodges, artist in honor of GoodHope United Methodist Church.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rebekah Joy - SOLD

This week I worked on a painting for my friend.  It is her granddaughter and i feel in love with the personality that shines through on this little beauty.  I love her skin tones and her white blond hair.  I still find that I cannot capture a photo that is exactly like the painting.  The paintings always look better "in person".  I have read articles, watched videos and done all of the things suggested - but to no avail.  If anyone has a secret please share!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Easter Portrait - SOLD

This weekend I worked on a whimsical Easter Bunny.  I found this reference photo on Paint My Photo and feel in love with the look this bunny gave the camera.  The photographer is from Germany and named Kirikina.  I thought painting a bunny would be easy but I found it a little harder than I expected.  I know where the eyes, nose and mouth are positioned on a human face but a bunny is a little different and the form on the soft fur is created by very small value changes.  I felt like he was smiling at me during my struggle to get him "just right".

Monday, March 7, 2016

Let's Dance - SOLD

These three little beauties are the granddaughters of one of my friends.  They were ready for the wedding and they were caught in a garden dancing, discussing important tips on how to walk down the aisle and enjoying their time as princesses.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Blessing

I am very excited to be involved in a new project.  I have been asked to provide illustrations for a book in progress.  The goal of the book is to use a story, symbol, ritual and rhythm to communicate a message.

The writer would like to include a picture at the end of each chapter to sort of use as a meditation or reminder of the message in that particular piece of the story.  The goal of the book is to assist those in recovery and their families, something I am passionate about.