Monday, February 15, 2016

Lily - SOLD

This child is absolutely precious.  Have you ever heard the expression "cute as a bug's ear"?  According to my search on the internet it presumably came from the precept that the tinier the thing is  the greater it's chance of being classified as cute.  The expression suggests that what it is calling tiny is the image of cuteness.  The expression signifies someone, particularly a baby, who is beautiful or fascinating in a delicate way.  Scientifically speaking, the expression is meaninglessness, since insects do not possess ears.  For whatever reason the expression was created I could not help but think of it when painting Lily.  Her grandmother caught her in a very pensive moment and sent me a reference photo for this painting.  Every reference photo and cropped version on my computer I named "Lily Bug".   I think you will agree with me, she is as cute as a bug's ear!

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