Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Little Lamb - Gift

A little lamb for my friend.  I have been taking an online class from Chantel Barber and the focus has been on the painting the figure.  I have learned alot from Chantel who is an impressionistic painter who works in acrylics.  Her work is exceptional and unique.  When she starts a portrait she uses form and color to create the figure, not line drawings.  Chantel states that hard edges and lines flatten shapes and therefore blocking in the figure or portrait with color and form while also paying attention to angles and negative spaces will assist in creating a looser representation of your subject.  I love this way of painting even though it is much different than what I have done in the past.

This little lamb is obviously not one of my figures but I did try to create interesting edges.  That is not always as easy as it may sound.


  1. I understand about the edges. Always a challenge to keep them interesting. Your little lamb reminds me spring is coming here on the west coast. Nice work.

  2. This is a beautifully painted lamb. Want to know what I adore...the pink in the ears... perfection!
    Now I am off to look at the work of Chantel.