Friday, December 18, 2015

My Lifesong Sings - SOLD

Again I want to mention Rodney Campbell.  Rodney is a photographer out of Oxford, Michigan.  Every time I see one of Rodney's bird photos I am aware that he communicates with them in some way.  They allow him to capture the most expressive moments, as if they are saying, "I know secrets about nature, weather and living that you do not know."  

Rodney is also gracious to share his photos for artists to paint which is a gift.  You might want to see more of his amazing work and you can find it here - he is also on Facebook.

 I have said over and over again I would never paint on burlap canvas again because it is so hard to do.  You have to plan in advance every stroke and color and how you want it to lay on the material because once it is there the canvas soaks it in and there is not much room for error.  But when Rodney posted this little cardinal I told him I had to paint him and then I listened very closely and the cardinal told me how to paint him.  When he said, "burlap", I said "OK" because I know he knows secrets that I do not.  

P.S.  The name came from the song I am playing while painting by Casting Crowns. "And Now My Lifesong Sings"

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