Saturday, February 21, 2015

Be Mine

I totally missed Valentine painting but found this cute little chihuahua  from Lee Hunter and could not resist.  I have been away from my paints too long.  I have been traveling with my job and have moved close to my grandkids.  A wonderful, wonderful thing, however I was out of town working so I left one home and returned to a new one!  My wonderful "girls" helped my husband and set up my new home.  As stressful as this was I think I came out great!

This little guy is painted on a 6" x 6" art board


  1. You really captured this one and I do not want to forget to say how much I like your challenge entry this week. A very strong value study for sure. Glad you are getting settled. Grandchildren rock.

  2. So sweet, nicely painted, Marcia...

  3. This is sooo adorable. Lovely painting Marcia.