Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This little sweet family's story has touched me so deeply. I am amazed and inspired by their life and their faith and their example of love. I learned about them through a friend and took the opportunity to educate myself on a Syndrome I had never heard of, Sanfilippo Syndrome. Please consider visiting their blog at http://www.rossandmeredith.org
or their facebook page Love Ross & Meredith
There is the opportunity to donate to research for the cure for Sanfilippo Sydrome and the opportunity to donate to a fund for their children as well. They inspire me to love a little more. Their story reminds me to be thankful for the health of my own grandchildren.  And the possibility of a cure for this syndrome is so close!  I want health for these children as well and the others who suffer with this terrible syndrome.

I painted the portraits of Ross and Meredith for their parents and have Meredith here.   I will post Ross' portrait tomorrow.  

 I like to thank Natalie Norris of Natalie Norris Photography for the lovely reference photo for Meredith. Please visit her facebook page. She is a very talented photographer.

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