Monday, September 22, 2014

Walkin' In the Light

This weekend I spent time with my grandchildren.  Weston (7 years old) wanted me to see some of his new paintings and when I told him that he was very talented he said, "I learned from a great artist, Mimi ---YOU!"  Whitney (7 years old) waited on me at lunch and brought my plate and drink to me and periodically came up to me with spontaneous hugs for no reason at all.   Those hugs made feel so loved and special.  Landon and Miller (both 3 years old) were playing outside and pretending it was time to go bed in their make believe house.  I watched as they both folded their little hands and bowed their heads to pray before bedtime.  Charlie (3 years old) saw that my outdoor "yard art" butterfly was broken and he said, "My Mommas can fix that for you and I will help them."  I realized again how little people walk in the Light.  Sometimes it is Light that we adults do not even see. It is Light filled with wonder, love, acceptance and kindness.   My grands reminded me that I want to walk in  that Light and share it with someone the way they do so effortlessly.

The reference photo came from JulesinKY on morguefile.  Check out her photos.  


  1. What a beautiful posting ( and painting). Our grandchildren often show us the light.So wonderful.

  2. Aww! Such a sweet thought conveyed perfectly through your painting and your grandchildren sound incredibly sweet.