Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little Dreamer

I have always loved the picture of the daughter of my young friend walking along the water's edge at the beach.  She looks like she is really experiencing the joy of walking in the water and the beach. She also reminds me of dreaming ----good things----not a care in the world.  I love the wonderful way children remind us to enjoy each moment and continue to dream........

I actually painted this same picture several years (2010) ago and can definitely see a change for the good and improvement in my painting style.  After years of studying with different wonderful artists, many visits to art galleries and painting, painting and painting, I think those things have paid off.  At least I am more content with my style.  Recently, my husband gave me a book to read entitled, " Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell.  A common theme that permeates the book is that greatness requires enormous time.  He considers that the key to success in any field is simply practicing a specific task over and over - he suggest the 10,000 hour rule.  That translates to 20 hours a week for 10 years.   I have several hours to go :)

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  1. Charming picture so well done. And a great post. I also have many hours to put it........