Monday, September 22, 2014

Walkin' In the Light

This weekend I spent time with my grandchildren.  Weston (7 years old) wanted me to see some of his new paintings and when I told him that he was very talented he said, "I learned from a great artist, Mimi ---YOU!"  Whitney (7 years old) waited on me at lunch and brought my plate and drink to me and periodically came up to me with spontaneous hugs for no reason at all.   Those hugs made feel so loved and special.  Landon and Miller (both 3 years old) were playing outside and pretending it was time to go bed in their make believe house.  I watched as they both folded their little hands and bowed their heads to pray before bedtime.  Charlie (3 years old) saw that my outdoor "yard art" butterfly was broken and he said, "My Mommas can fix that for you and I will help them."  I realized again how little people walk in the Light.  Sometimes it is Light that we adults do not even see. It is Light filled with wonder, love, acceptance and kindness.   My grands reminded me that I want to walk in  that Light and share it with someone the way they do so effortlessly.

The reference photo came from JulesinKY on morguefile.  Check out her photos.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

It's Cold - SOLD

My husband and I woke up last weekend and spontaneously decided to go to the beach.  That is one of the best parts of getting older and having all your kids grown with kids of their own, you can just do whatever you want to do!  I spent most of the day and part of the next day on the beach watching.  I saw this little girl taking her time warming up to the water.  She was so cute - all dressed up in her cute little bathing suit complete with hair bow and she was excited to be here.  Her Mom and Dad were close by but they did not make it into my painting.

8" x 10" original oil on stretched canvas

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Tiger Named Auburn - SOLD

Those who know me well know that my husband is a huge Auburn fan so last week when I painted the elephant I had to hide out on my deck to paint.  This week he was very happy with my painting.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

An Elephant Named Bama

It is football season again.  I know nothing about football so I spend my Saturdays painting.  I have alot of friends who love elephants and who they stand for but my husband is not one of those people so I have been hiding out on the downstairs deck painting this guy.  I like him.  The painting is one of my larger pieces 24" x 30" and is oil on stretched canvas.  He can be purchased from my website at

Price $250

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little Dreamer

I have always loved the picture of the daughter of my young friend walking along the water's edge at the beach.  She looks like she is really experiencing the joy of walking in the water and the beach. She also reminds me of dreaming ----good things----not a care in the world.  I love the wonderful way children remind us to enjoy each moment and continue to dream........

I actually painted this same picture several years (2010) ago and can definitely see a change for the good and improvement in my painting style.  After years of studying with different wonderful artists, many visits to art galleries and painting, painting and painting, I think those things have paid off.  At least I am more content with my style.  Recently, my husband gave me a book to read entitled, " Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell.  A common theme that permeates the book is that greatness requires enormous time.  He considers that the key to success in any field is simply practicing a specific task over and over - he suggest the 10,000 hour rule.  That translates to 20 hours a week for 10 years.   I have several hours to go :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Blankey - SOLD

All my grands have a favorite blanket they like to wrap up in.   In fact, I have one too!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Floatation Preparation - GIFTED

I had a young friend send me the greatest message today that she got from C.S.Lewis, "When you painted on earth - at least in your earlier days- it was because you caught glimpses of Heaven in the earthly landscape.  The success of your painting was that it enabled others to see the glimpses too."

I do think the ocean is a glimpse of Heaven and I would be so thankful if my paintings brought a glimpse of Heaven to anyone.    What a great thought!

This summer I spent some time at the beach with some good friends and I admired this lady from the shore.  She was happy and enjoying her day in the ocean.

If you like this painting and would like to have it - Good!   I am giving it away.  Please go to my Facebook page ( and like my page and share on your FB page (if you have one) and in the comments under the picture write the word Share.  This Saturday I will draw the name of the winner....check back on my page on Saturday.   (If you do not have a FB page just leave me a note here.