Friday, August 22, 2014

Mine ! - SOLD

I love watching the hummingbirds outside my office window.  In fact, I have even resuscitated two of them who tried to fly through the window.  I used a tiny syringe filled with sugar water and they were both able to be revived.  I guess word has gotten around the hummingbird community that I have sugar water because now they will come to my window if their feeder is low on food and they will just hover there until I replace their food.  Last weekend my granddaughter, Whitney and I were on the porch in our big white swing and a hummingbird flew by and landed about a foot away and just stared at us.  I told Whitney, "he wants more food."  We filled up the feeder and watched as he and 3 others started fighting over the new supply of sugary, red liquid.    This is the thing, the feeder can accommodate 4 birds but each one wanted to be THE ONLY ONE.  They can actually get aggressive and knock each other away.  When I saw this photo reference by Michael D Utin on Paint my Photo it reminded me of one of those aggressive little hummingbirds, the stance and the facial expression said it all!  "Mine!" 

Ummmm....there might be a life lesson here somewhere.

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