Monday, May 26, 2014

The Old House

Sometimes I am not sure what draws me to a certain scene but i loved this picture that Carol Theologo provided.  This old house reminds me of my grandmother's house where I played when I was a little girl, too many years ago.  Maybe because 3 of my grandchildren have been visiting with me all weekend and I want them to remember coming to Mimi's house when they get as old as Mimi, I was drawn to this.  Whatever the reason, I enjoyed painting today after the little people left because it is always so quiet when they are gone, so I turn up the music and paint - that way I do not miss them as badly.   I hope all of their memories are good ones. 


  1. We share a love of buildings. This is so well done. Good job.

  2. Really beautiful colors here! Nice sense of light too!