Monday, March 18, 2013


The challenge on Daily Paintworks was to paint what is in your refrigerator.  This was hard for me on many levels.  Number one, as many who know me well, know I do not have much in my refrigerator so the options were limited and number two I really hate to paint things that do not really interest me.  I did find one lime that was cut.  I tried to paint the plate it was on but quickly realized I just could not get it right.  I tried using some of Julie Oliver's fracturing technique, if you are unaware of Julie's wonderful style of painting you can see it here

 and her ArtByte explaining the process her

  My attempt does not even come close to her wonderful way of painting but it is a fun concept and I found I even liked painting what was in my refrigerator.  '

This painting is available for $40 by email at

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