Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Learning How to Paint

I started out at the University of North Alabama years ago as an art major but somehow 
left that first love and became a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.  In the last 10 years I
have gone back to my first love and have spent time trying to grow and become a better artist.
My goal is to be able to paint every day.  That is not happening at this point as I continue to
be employed as a Perinatal Clinical Specialist and that job keeps me on the road (or in the air)
most of the week.   I do try and visit art galleries in each city I visit if the time allows and I
find this a very wonderful educational experience.  I have also had the privilege to study with
some amazing artists over the years who have influenced me in so many ways and I feel
like I have gleaned a certain thing or two from each one.  My goal here is to try and record
the top  take-aways from each one.  

I am very fortunate to live in a very artsy community on Lake Martin in Alabama.  Each year
the Sarah Carlisle Towery Art Colony hosts a 5 day event where the attending artists can 
attend classes with one of the visiting instructors.  You can find information regarding 
the Art Colony here http://alartcolony.org/   One of the first artists I studied with at The Colony
was Randy Moberg.   (You can find many of his paintings in   J. Alexander’s restaurants.)
Randy is amazing. On his website you will find this comment that truly describes his work:   

 "I express ideas using colors and shapes to create images 
that cannot be otherwise described".  

His style opened my eyes to Impressionism in a new way and freedom in painting. 
His paintings were very large and when I walked up close to them, I saw only patches of 
color and light, as I moved back across the room I saw Jazz Players and Portraits and
Scenes .  This sparked something in me that I fell in love with – the ability to allow the
paint to speak without being so “tight and structured”. I also recognized that he had a gift.  
I watched him work and he never seemed to have a plan (maybe he did in his head) but I 
saw him throw color on the canvas and walk back and assess it and it seemed he waited
for the canvas and paint to tell him what he was painting.    I really did not paint anything in
his class that I feel worthy of showing here.  It seems I am so focused on learning new 
things in each workshop that I tend to "experiment" during class and then try and incorporate
what I have learned in future paintings.  However, I feel like my experience in
his workshop created a new journey for me. 

 You can check out his paintings at http://randymoberg.com/


  1. Hi Marcia - I have enjoyed watching your different approaches and seen a huge difference this last few months and feel you are correct in your response to Randy's work. I got turned on by his abstracts so am thrilled you placed a link to his work.
    We are so lucky to have art in our lives.

  2. Marcia, I am standing by to learn more about your influences and development as an artist. Your discussion is fascinating to me. I did check out Randy Moberg's site and can see what you mean about his style. How wonderful you got to study with him!